recovery e-book

Karen McEwen, Registered Midwife @ My Expert Midwife helps you to get ahead with our instantly accessible 30+page guide, to help you understand what to expect after the birth of your baby.


Taking you from how you can plan ahead for your postnatal recovery, get practical help from visitors, wound care and healing whether that’s a Caesarean or vaginal birth, looking after your mental health, personal hygiene, your nutrition and making sure you prioritise yourself after childbirth by getting 30 minutes a day for you.  Exclusively available at My Expert Midwife. Packed with top tips and easy reference checklists to help you prepare and recover. 

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Meet the author Karen McEwen

Our Recovery e-book was written by our inhouse midwife Karen McEwen. Karen trained as a midwife at The University of Leeds and during her career has worked at numerous hospitals in West Yorkshire. As well as working in the Delivery Suites, Karen was a founding member of the Leeds Homebirth Team, working to support women and helping to develop midwives’ skills in physiological birth. Her passion lies in homebirths and waterbirths and also supporting women to own their choices in pregnancy and childbirth.


  • Planning ahead for your postnatal recovery
  • Practical help & visitors
  • Mental health after birth
  • Hygiene after the birth
  • Nutrition- what to eat and drink after childbirth
  • How to prioritise yourself after childbirth


This is an e.Book which means you will not receive a physical copy of a book. You'll receive our Recovery e-book in PDF format via email.