Mum To Be set - SAVE 25%

skin saving heroes

Perfect for all mums-to-be, following the journey all the way from pregnancy, birth and through to breastfeeding and nappy changing. This midwife developed essentials set includes each of our bestselling, award-winning full-size products developed to relieve a range of challenges faced by the skin during pregnancy, birth and into motherhood. Including our itch and stretch mark reducer: Fantastic Skin Elastic, our peri stretcher: Peri Prep Your Bits, our No 1 seller bits reliever: Spritz for Bits, the nipple soother: No Harm Nipple Balm, and baby bottom soother.

Saving you 25% when bought individually it is the perfect set for self or as a gift for a mum to be. 

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Mum To Be set - SAVE 25%


worth €107

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our skin saving heroes

we've brought together each of our midwife developed, award winning heroes to help manage a range of challenges faced by the skin during pregnancy and into motherhood

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  • Fantastic Skin Elastic - massage gently each day to help stretching, itchy skin
  • Peri Prep Your Bits - safe for use through pregnancy and ideal for perineal massage from 34 weeks
  • Spritz for Bits - spray onto the perineal area for instant relief from birth
  • No Harm Nipple Balm - apply immediately before and after breastfeeding, no need to remove before feeding
  • No Harm Bum Balm - use at each nappy change, after baby's bath or whenever you want extra extra protection on babies bottom


this set contains all of our heroes products helping you through pregnancy with our Fantastic Skin Elastic for stretching itchy skin, Peri Prep Your Bits for perineal massage for use from 34 weeks our hospital bag hero Spritz for Bits and if you are planning to breast feed, our No Harm Nipple Balm is perfect for use from new born.