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Look after your bits

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Are you ready to look after your bits?

Our midwife developed care bundle for your bits will help you look after your bits through pregnancy, birth and recovery whether they need a little bit of TLC or you want them prepp'd for birth.

Spritz for Bits, the mother of all perineal sprays which can help soothe your bits through pregnancy, immediately after birth and support your recovery.

Peri Prep your Bits ideal for use for perineal massage from 34 weeks to prepare your perineum for birth.

Soak for Bits developed to relax an aching body and soothe your bits through pregnancy and your first bath after a vaginal birth.

Delivered in a My Expert Midwife designed, premium toiletry bag, perfect for packing all your essentials. Ideal as a set for self, or as a special gift for a mum to be.

PLUS FREE EXCLUSIVE EXTRAS: a choice of 2 webinars worth and 2 FREE e-books 'Your last 20 weeks' and 'Your Recovery' worth €10.  You will receive an email once purchased with all you need to know to download your e-books and book your webinars.

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Look after your bits


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midwife tip

changes to your bits in pregnancy is normal

"You may experience changes to your bits during pregnancy, including swelling, itching or even piles. Spritz for Bits can help soothe them so don’t pack it too early into your hospital bag"

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uk made

suitable for vegetarians

no palm oil

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need to learn more about your bits?

Here at My Expert Midwife our dedicated team of inhouse registered midwives know what’s best for your bits and we know them inside-out, from changes you may experience through pregnancy, to soothing discomfort, helping you to prepare your bits for birth and providing instant relief after childbirth.

We are here to support and educate you on everything you need to know about your bits, so you can feel like you again.

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relief for your bits through pregnancy, birth and recovery

Our midwife developed 'look after your bits' care bundle will help you soothe your bits through pregnancy, birth and recovery.


Spritz for Bits is a natural pregnancy must have for when you are managing the many changes that might occur to your bits from haemorrhoids/piles causing discomfort, for swelling or discomfort around the vulval area, to help calm itching and discomfort of thrush (after seeking assessment/treatment from your midwife or pharmacist) and other irritations such as cystitis or post coital discomfort.

Peri Prep your bits is a 100% natural perineal massage oil that is safe to use in pregnancy to prepare for your baby’s birth and is ideal for encouraging the skin around your perineum to stretch more easily during childbirth. Perineal massage should start at 34 weeks.

Soak for Bits can be used throught pregnancy too to soothe your bits and also soothe aching muscles as your body changes and baby grows.


Spritz for Bits provides instant relief from perineal soreness even if you don’t have a tear or episiotomy you will have stretched skin, bruising and swelling. This multi-award winning spray contains natural essential oils with anti-bacterial properties and soothes to promote healing.

Soak for Bits is perfect for those first baths after childbirth, with premium Epsom salts, which instantly disperses in warm bath water, and are known for their ability to help a tired, aching body to relax and soothe. Blended with essential oils - tea tree and calendula which have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, bergamot aids relaxation, with added arnica to help bruising and swelling.

Beyond birth

Spritz for Bits can be used for many things, so if you have some left don't let it go to waste it can be used on any wound going through a normal healing process, or bites and stings for adults and children.

Peri Prep Your Bits is a ideal for moisturisation of any dry skin or healing scars or even as a body oil.

Soak for Bits can be used throughout breastfeeding so prioritise your recovery and enjoy those much needed recovery baths.

How can I

use it?

  • Spritz for Bits – spray onto the perineal area – re-apply whenever you feel the need
  • Soak for Bits - add 150g (2-3 handfuls) of the salts into a warm but not hot bath, bathe for 10 mins or longer for optimal results
  • Prioritising 30 minutes a day for your recovery is a necessity not a luxury, talk to your partner or support network so they can help you to recover.
  • FREE E-book will help you to prepare for birth recovery and provide top tips on how you can prioritise your recovery.


Yes you can use Spritz for Bits in pregnancy, to soothe a variety of ailments including: if you have haemorrhoids/piles causing discomfort, for swelling or discomfort around the vulval area, to help calm itching and discomfort of thrush (after seeking assessment/treatment from your midwife or pharmacist) and other irritations such as cystitis or post coital discomfort.

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