Putting the U back into mUm

Many women feel guilty for taking time for themselves but at My Expert Midwife we believe that self care is an essential not a luxury, for both physical and emotional wellbeing. It’s OK to take time for yourself, to help you feel like you again!

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Midwife developed, Mum approved

Our products have been developed to help you feel like you again throughout pregnancy, birth and early motherhood, and we know they are not saving lives but you do tell us that sometimes you just can’t do without them!!

…who wasn’t convinced our pleasant-smelling potion, Spritz For Bits, would make any difference to her recently destroyed hoo-ha & was very gladly proved wrong! She now swears by it so much, she buys it for every pregnant friend and awaits the invitation of Godparent as thanks!


… who finally on baby number 4 has found Fantastic Skin Elastic - a product that eases her itchy belly so much she can finally make it through the night in peace – plus the calming fragrance helps her doze away (always an added bonus!)

Our Best Sellers

Mum-to-be Collection

Perfect for all mums-to-be.

“My beautiful fiancée was raving about this gift, we have told many people about it and couldn’t recommend it any more!” Ross M

Peri Prep Your Bits

Softening and moisturising oil for perineal massage, ideal from 34 weeks pregnant.

“Ordered this to help me with my perennial massaging from about 36 weeks pregnant. I am a first time mum and had absolutely no stitches and I do believe that using this product every other day along with my massaging really helped! Thank you!!"

Spritz for Bits

Helps to protect and maintain the condition of the perineum after childbirth.

This has been a godsend! It really  helps to soothe the stinging of stitches post childbirth and makes having a wee a lot less traumatic”

Mrs C

No Harm Nipple Balm

Instant relief and protection for breastfeeding mums.

Amazing product I wouldn’t have been able to carry on breastfeeding if I hadn’t ordered it.  A little goes a long way”  Claire J