Perineal Massage

About 85% of women will sustain some form of perineal trauma during childbirth. However research proves that perineal massage from 34 weeks can be effective at reducing the extent of tearing during childbirth.  To help you prepare your perineum our expert midwives have brought together lots of top tips and how to's to help prepare and stretch those muscles to give you the best chance of having a better birth experience.  

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How to do perineal massage

The taboo topic of perineal massage, let’s be honest... perineal massage is not easy, but preparing your perineum will stretch those muscles and give you the best chance of having a better birth experience.

  • Start perineal massage at week 34 of pregnancy
  • Find a perineal massage oil, specially blended and designed for perineal massage or an oil such as almond oil.
  • Make time to do this 3 or 4 times a week
  • If you struggle to do this yourself, you can ask your partner to help

Download our guide to perineal massage here

To find out more on how to prepare and recover from childbirth, follow the link

How to do perineal massage
Why we developed Peri Prep Your Bits
Peri Prep Your Bits

This midwife developed, 100% natural award winning, softening and moisturising oil is ideal for perineal massage from 34 weeks.

A unique blend of avocado oil to protect, sweet almond oil to nourish and moisturise and eucalyptus leaf oil for increasing blood supply to the area

With a controlled flow bottle, so no mess or wastage.

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