welcome to My Expert Midwife

Welcome to My Expert Midwife we’re here to educate, empower and help you manage the physical side-effects of pregnancy, childbirth and being a new mum

Our midwife developed, award winning products and expert advice will help you feel like you again.

All of our products are made by carefully blending safe and proven premium ingredients, including a wide range of natural botanicals, these products can soothe and calm soreness, as well as relieve many symptoms and physical side effects commonly experienced in pregnancy and after baby is born.

We pride ourselves of thinking of everything, too – including packaging which delivers no-fuss, no spill application (even upside-down or one-handed).

our investment in quality

From the beginning we only wanted to develop products that women genuinely need and which would improve their experiences during pregnancy and childbirth.

My Expert Midwife products are therefore based on the proven and effective properties of essential oils and contain as few synthetic ingredients as possible to keep the product stable.

We know that the quality of our ingredients underpin their performance, so we ensure that only the highest grade are used to make our products.

practical + safe

Safety is as important as quality to us, therefore we involve our team of midwives, chemists and aromatherapy experts during the development of every product, to ensure that they not only work for you but are guaranteed to meet EU standards relating to use during pregnancy and the postnatal period.

We have spent time and effort ensuring that once the formula is perfect, you are able to dispense our product in the most effective and hygienic ways, unique to each product. For example, Spritz for Bits has a multi directional spray bottle that even works upside down, to reach the parts where it is needed the most and No Harm Nipple Balm has been especially provided with an airless one handed pump system to enable ease of use whilst ensuring hygiene is maintained.

Lesley Gilchrist and Claire Charlton met through a mutual understanding of the physical recovery challenges that women face during pregnancy, birth and becoming a new mum, and they developed the range based on Lesley's vast midwifery experience of what women need.

They also both have experience of trauma when giving birth themselves, with two children each they know what it’s like to be a pregnant mum and to have a newborn baby.  That’s why they worked together to develop the My Expert Midwife range of award winning skincare products supporting women through their pregnancy journey and beyond.

our investment in customer care

Our commitment to customer care extends beyond the products to the service that we provide.

 Our dedicated customer care team is focussed on delivering a truly personal customer experience.

  • our thoroughly trained and dedicated customer care team offer expert advice, with midwife support
  • we offer free standard delivery on all orders
  • we aim to respond within 24 hours to all queries
  • contact us on advice@myexpertmidwife.com